Posted on Jul 5, 2019

Facelift Seattle

When the facial aging process begins to take place and the face is sometimes out of harmony with the eyelids or forehead, some patients become self-conscious. And when patients state that they look older than they truly feel or their friends tell them that they look tired and not well rested, a facelift or a neck lift is performed. The face / neck lift is a very popular procedure done frequently in the United States and it is in the top 1/3 in popularity of all cosmetic procedures performed on the face. The facelift is done for cosmetic reasons, and it is a procedure that is done on the face and neck to rejuvenate the face. This procedure tightens up lax facial skin, neck skin and muscles, jowls, and addresses neck fat as well. It also tightens the muscles in the face, the posterior portion of the neck and the front portion of the neck. Excess skin is removed around the ears and fat is removed underneath the neck. Learn more about a facelift

Facelift Seattle
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