Posted on Jul 13, 2021

Facelift Seattle

Facelift Surgery Resource For Seattle Residents

With this facial plastic operation, three aspects are addressed.
The first is neck fat, which can be eliminated via both direct and indirect liposuction as well as fat sculpting.
The second element is muscle, which is tightened beneath the neck to define the jaw line, behind the jaw line to accentuate the posterior region of the jaw line, and at the cheek area to elevate the jowls.
Excess skin is the third component of a complete facelift.
After the muscles have been tightened and the fat has been eliminated, there is generally some excess skin that needs to be trimmed carefully.
To get a highly natural and good-looking symmetrical facelift, all three of these plastic surgery components must be handled.
The majority of close family members and acquaintances are unaware that a patient has had a facelift or neck lift.
They just appear to be more rested, revitalized, and to have lost weight.
The fat in the neck has been removed, giving the appearance of weight loss.

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